“Without Self Awareness, all of our actions are subject to self deception” Will Schutz

Relationships' Coaching

Our success and sense of fulfilment in life relies upon our ability to create and sustain effective relationships.

Relationships’ Coaching offers a more structured approach to exploring the relationships you have with others. The relationships could be with a partner, a member of your family, a friend, a business colleague or anyone with whom you are struggling to have a successful relationship.

You will begin to make sense of your relationships with others through exploring your perceptions, attitudes and self esteem that influence ‘how’ you are in relationship with others.
We will explore where you get stuck in relationship, how you might contribute to the stuckness and how you might hold yourself back from achieving your relationship potential.

In our sessions together, the focus will be on you and how you are in relationship with others. Through this process of working, you will also gain insight and understanding into the dynamics that come into play in all relationships and the factors that enable relationships to thrive.  An understanding of the interpersonal needs that exist in each relationship is, therefore, likely to help you to understand the needs of others.

Our coaching approach will help you to:

  • Develop self awareness and awareness of others
  • Understand your patterns of interaction with others, ie your preferences
    for engagement and inclusion, for control and influence, for openness and dialogue.
  • Develop insight into how your interactions impact upon others
  • Understand how your behaviour changes at times of stress
  • Uncover your stress responses that sabotage your relationships
  • Understand how your self esteem and perception of others influences
    the quality of your relationships and the degree of stress you experience.
  • Explore your beliefs and attitudes that impact upon your relationships
  • Explore your sense of choice and self empowerment
  • Explore how your own sense of meaning and purpose in life impacts upon
    the quality of your relationships.

We will then support you to put your awareness into good effect to:

  • Use your awareness to deal more effectively with stress in the relationship
  • Choose your reactions as opposed to being enslaved to them
  • Develop breathing techniques to find a stable centre
  • Connect with a place of inner calm in the midst of pressure
  • Develop clarity and focus when you feel overwhelmed
  • Improve self esteem to enhance relationships and achieve potential
  • Facilitate compatibility to meet the needs of others
  • Increase your emotional engagement at work and in life 
  • Develop an increased sense of aliveness and energy
  • Improve your health and well-being

The duration of our work together will be dependant upon your needs. This can be explored and discussed at our first session together.  Each session will last for 1½ hours.

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