“Within you there is stillness and a
sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and find yourself”

Herman Hesse, Siddartha

Mindfulness Based Coaching

With an increasing awareness in the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness based approaches in organisations, education, mind/body medicine, etc, I offer one to one Mindfulness coaching for those of you who wish to learn how to more skilfully manage the stressors and challenges in your lives and to develop the awareness and emotional resilience to overcome blocks to potential.

As we all know, our patterns of mind have been around for a long time and often work against us instead of working in support of our best endeavours.

These patterns manifest as self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging and reactive behaviours, often leading to a sense of being out of control and hijacked by thoughts, feelings, body sensations and behaviours.

You may have reached a point where 'talking about' your problems or ways of handling challenge and difficulty are leading you into ever constricting circles, tapping into a deeper sense of hopelessness and futility. Maybe something different is needed?

Mindfulness based Coaching offers you an alternative to the traditional talking and solution focused/goal oriented approaches to coaching. Please see What is Mindfulness for more information about Mindfulness.

Options for ways of working in Mindfulness based Coaching are:

The 8-Week Mindfulness Course for Stress

For some, the inflexibility of joining a group for 8 weeks, at a set time and often in the evening, is not an option.

One to One coaching through the 8-Week Mindfulness Course for Stress offers you an alternative option. Sessions last for 1½ hrs and follow the structure of the Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Programme promoted by The University of Bangor. The coaching session will be supported by a course manual, 5 guided meditation cds, and of course, one to one coaching support. You are also welcome to attend a one-day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat which is held quarterly for participants of the 8-week course. The coaching sessions can take place at my practice in Copthorne or East Grinstead or for busy executives, sessions can be run within a suitable space within your organisation.

One to One Mindfulness Coaching

If you are looking for flexibility in the coaching work, with an opportunity of working on specific issues, including the development of a Mindfulness practice, one to one Mindfulness Coaching may be the preferred option for you. Session time and no of sessions can be structured to suit your own particular needs. This can be explored at our first session together.

A commitment to daily Mindfulness practice is recommened in order to benefit most from working in this way.

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