“The easiest way to relax is to stop
trying to make things different.
Struggle comes from not
accepting what is present”

One-Day Introductory Mindfulness Course
For groups and Organisations

Our One-Day Introductory Course in Mindfulness offers you an opportunity to learn how to relate differently to the stressors and challenges in your life. A way that is clear, focussed and less stressful.

Our day together will enable you to explore how we habitually go into ‘autopilot’ at times of stress and challenge. When our minds are engaged in this way, we are often distracted and disconnected from what is going on within and around us, either dwelling on the past, planning, fearing or trying to control the future. As a consequence, we are seldom aware of the present moment.

It is in this state of ‘autopilot’ that our old patterns of mind, self limiting beliefs, judgments and defensive behaviour cause us the stress, unhappiness and breakdown of relationship that we are so desperately trying to avoid.

The day will help you to develop the awareness and skill to step out of this mindless state of autopilot and to connect with a more mindful way of ‘being’ - learning to pay moment-to-moment attention to the breath, the body, the mind and the world around you in a way that is more compassionate, less reactive and non-judgmental.

When we are mindful, we are better able to choose our reactions and attitudes instead of being enslaved to them. An increased sense of choice and heightened aliveness that comes with moment to moment awareness enables us to better determine our own health and well-being, thus connecting us with deeper levels of joy and happiness.

The day is experiential which means that you will learn through ‘being’ with on your direct experience and the shared experience of the group. We will introduce you to 3 principal mindfulness meditation practices. You will have an opportunity to explore and share your experience of these practices, together with additional experiential exercises and discussion.

We will explore the relevance of mindfulness to modern living, and how you can bring mindfulness into your everyday life in practical and simple ways.

One of the gifts of joining us on our one-day course is realizing that you are not alone in your struggle and experience. This can play an important role in directing you back onto your path to health and well-being and to getting the most from life!
    In Brief:

    Offering a day of meditation practice, group enquiry and experiential learning.

    An opportunity to explore:
  • New and skilful ways of relating to the challenges and stressors in work, life and relationships

  • Mindfulness as a way to living our lives in the present moment, and the ease that comes with non-judgmental awareness

  • The foundational attitudes of mindfulness for presence, self esteem/compassion and well-being

  • Exploring the 'mindlessness' of ‘Autopilot’.

  • Exploring stress reactions in mind, body and emotions and how to manage these mindfully

  • Introduction to 3 formal mindfulness meditation practices

  • Formal practice as a means of developing focussed attention, awareness, compassion and acceptance

  • Mindfulness at work and in everyday life some practical tools

  • This course contains elements of both Mindfulness based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

  • This is a secular course with no religious content


    Deborah Mitchell

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